Biography  Dragan  Dautovski

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    Prof.Dragan Dautovski,PhD,Ethnomusicologist,born in 1957, in Rusinovo-Berovo,Republic of Macedonia is worкing at the Faculty of Music of Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, where he teaches folklore and traditional instruments. He is а member of the University Senate and ICTM (International Council for Traditional Music). Dragan Dautovski is a musician with great practical experience who has mastered more than 20 different musical instruments.

    With traditional music and folklore instruments being the essential mark of the four decades of his artistic pursuits, he performs with many groups and ensembles both on domestic and international stage. He has also composed many works for various instrumental and vocal soloists, groups, orchestras. In 1992 he formed the ensemble “Mile Kolarovski”.With this ensemble, he has performed at many concerts in Macedonia and abroad. Furthermore, this ensemble has done many recordings for the National Radio-Television. After the success with the traditional ensemble “Mile Kolarovski” and his participation on the score for the movie(film) “Before the Rain” he formed DD Synthesis in 1995, and after DD Synthesis in 2000, he created Dragan Dautovski Quartet.

    The principal inspiration of Dragan Dautovski Quartet is Macedonian music folklore idiom, from the depth of folklore, through the various contemporary music aesthetic elements and styles, a successful mixture of modern and traditional music. He has performed at a great number of world music festivals in Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Germany, England, Japan, Russia, Australia, Israel, Belgium, the Netherlands, etc.

    Dragan Dautovski has caught the attention of the public by his personal, intimate music performance with the most unusual musical instrument, the prehistoric, 6000 year old, globular ceramic flute – the Ocarina. This instrument, from the Neolithic period, has been discovered during the archaeological explorations carried out in the vicinity of the town of Veles. According to Dautovski “The Ocarina has preserved within itself a testimonial to the divine power of music as the oldest cosmic language". This artist and pedagogue has been recognised by UNESCO because of his work with traditional music. Dautovski performed at UNESCO'S 60th Anniversary concert in Havana – Cuba in 2007 and at UNESCO's concerts in Nigeria, Africa etc.